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Auto lockpick set

Auto lock pick sets?

An auto lock pick set is a kit that contains all the necessary lock picking tools and other accessories to allow you to open your car when you do not have the right key. With an auto lock pick set, the entire lock picking operation is done manually. With this type of lock picking tools you are not only able to open your car’s door but you can also open the fuel tank cap. Each auto lock pick set contains different types of lock picks for cars. Different brands come with different auto lock pick sets.

There are many car brands and, accordingly, there are many auto lock picks sets for each of these brands. The majority of the auto lock pick sets is suitable for common brands such as Peugeot/Citroen, Opel, Audi, VW, BMW, Ford, Skoda, Seat or Renault, but our web-store offers auto lock pick sets for Honda, Jaguar, Porsche or Mercedes cars too.

In order to understand and have a better image of how a car lock pick tool works, just watch our video, where the Lishi pick functionality is illustrated. Video.


What auto lock pick sets do we offer? Classic auto lock pick sets

The most basic form of an auto lock pick set can come in the shape of a universal key. For example, we offer the Universal car tank key, which is mostly suitable for older car models. Likewise, an auto lock pick set can come in the form of a standard lock pick set, but specially designed for car doors. One of the best example that we can offer is the KLOM car door air wedge. We specially made a video in order to show and explain how to use the car door air wedge.

Multifunctional auto lock pick sets

This category has lock pick sets suitable for both car doors and other type of locks, such as from an office, a house, a drawer, etc. All these sets are universal lock pick sets and they are perfect for you to have due to their multi-applicability. In case your keys are locked inside your house or your car, then we offer you this excellent multifunctional 4 pieces padlock set plus 11 pieces Jiggler car set.

Modern auto lock pick sets

Besides the classic and multifunctional auto lock pick sets, we offer modern ones too. This type of sets comes in the form of a car door decoder. Up until now, these decoders are the most modern lock picking tools and are suitable mainly for the newest models. Our Lishi car door pick tools are the most efficient and modern tools that we can possibly offer. The Lishi lock picking tools are suitable for almost all car brands. So, it can be said that the Lishi products are perfect when you need to open your car without having the proper key.

Lishi auto lock pick sets?

We offer you through our web-shop three different types of Lishi products. Besides the simple Lishi picks and Lishi decoders, you can also choose a combination between these two, such as the Lishi 2-in-1 Pick / Decoder.

Lishi Picks

These Lishi lock picking tools are only suitable to open the car lock. In order to open other type of locks, please use other lock picking tools. These Lishi picks are perfect to unlock your car when your right keys are either locked inside or lost. With the help of these tools, you can easily and quickly open your car’s lock without damaging the lock or the door of your car.

Lishi Decoders

With the help of the Lishi decoders you can unlock your car if your key is lost or stolen. The main purpose of a Lishi decoder is to find out what the code of your key is. After having the code, you can code a new cut and this will perfectly works with your lock. This process of finding the code of the key is called “decoding the lock”. In order to cut a new key you need a key cutter, which can also be found in our web-store.

Lishi 2-in-1 Pick/Decoder

As it was already explained above, a lock picking tool like this is basically a pick and a decoder in the same time. This automatically means that, when using this Lishi 2-in-1 lock pick tool you can open the lock and decode it, all in the same time. The lock picking is much easier and quicker foe every lock pickers because of this wonderful lock pick tool.



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