DIY lock pick sets

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Yeah, read all about it! You can compose your own lock pick set. And a lot of lock picking enthusiasts out there will tell you exactly the same thing. Select your own picks and spend most of your money on practice locks. Most will tell you to start off with single pin picking (SPP), which we also feel is the best and easiest way to start though later on you may want to have some rake picks as well to tackle different cylinders. And different kinds of tension tools. When it boils down to composing your own pick set we say: SouthOrd. One of the best brands out there. American made, solid high quality steel tools.


Advanced picking

You'll get bored with padlocks and cylinders at some point. As your lock picking skills increase you'll want to challenge different lock types and brands. In our other lock picking section as well as the 'Car lock pick' and 'Tubular pick' section you'll find plenty of advanced lock picks designed for car doors, windows, suitcases, tubular locks, cross locks and techniques such as impressioning where a duplicate key is fashioned through a fascinating step by step process. These are the experiences that truly carry you forward into the realm of mechanical hacking and to keep you going we'll frequently provide you with blogs, manuals and special deals. All aimed to keep your curiosity satisfied. Making you an ever better picker than when you started.'s service across borders 

To do all this and more we operate a warehouse that delivers to most countries within the EU as well as Great Britain. We aim to connect you to the products of your choice and to deliver these on time. We welcome any questions you may have on lock picking, professional lock pick sets and techniques. And please do reach out to us through our web site and social media. We'd love to hear what you're thinking. Don’t forget to mention us!

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