Lockpick guns

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Lockpick guns

What is a lock pick gun?

A lock pick gun is also known as a snap gun or just as a pick gun. Sometimes, it can be refereed as an electric lock pick, even if a snap gun can be manual, semi-electric and electric. A lock pick gun, in general, is a very useful lock picking tool that helps the lock pickers to open locks without using a key. The main mechanism is based on a steel rod that is inserted into the lock. With the help of a trigger the lock pick gun sends an impulse through the steel rod that affects all the lock pins simultaneously. In this way, the cylinder of the lock is only temporarily freed and a tension tool needs to be used in order to turn the cylinder. By turning the cylinder, the lock is basically opened.

In order to use a lock pick gun, the person using it must require precision and delicacy, excellent synchronization with the tension tool and a lot or practice for being able to handle these lock pick tools. On a long term use, a lock pick gun damages the lock.

When should a lock pick gun be used?

It is very important to keep in mind that a lock pick gun can mainly be used with a tumbler pin lock. Wafer tumbler locks cannot be opened using a lock pick gun because this type of locks do not have top and bottom pins. Still, a person can occasionally open wafer tumbler locks but only when the pick needle, from the top of the snap gun, is used in the conventional fashion way. But, in general, snap guns may destroy wafer locks easily.

There are three types of lock pick guns: manual, semi-electric and electric.

Manual lock pick gun

This type of lock pick gun works manually. A trigger must be manually pulled several times so that the top pins inside the lock to jump. In the same time a tension tool must be used in order to rotate the cylinder of the lock so that it can be unlocked.

Semi-electric lock pick gun

A semi-electric lock pick gun is something between an electric snap gun and a manual one. Still, a trigger must be pulled and the lock picker has to have the same delicacy and accuracy as with the manual one.

Electric lock pick gun

These types of lock pick guns are electric. There is no trigger like all the manual or semi-electric guns have. 


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