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Lockpick set

What is a lockpick set?

A lockpick set is a combination of more lockpicking tools that makes your lockpicking experience easier or, according to the type of the chosen lockpick set, it will further develop your lockpicking skills. Here, at lockpickingstore.com, we have lockpick sets for all kind of lockpickers: beginner, medium or advanced.

It is important to know that lockpicking takes longer when lockpicking tools are used instead of a lockpick gun.

Lock pick sets can come in many shapes, from pocket knife-style, credit card designs, small lockpick sets with four, five or eight pieces to larger sets made of almost 37 or 38. The largest lockpick set that we have is made of 74 lockpicking tools.

Our web-shop has a wide range of lockpick sets of different sizes, prices and qualities. We have lockpick sets suitable for all levels of lockpicking. Moreover, we have the most representative lockpicking brands currently on the market. SouthOrd, Brockhage, Dino or Goso are just a few. For more infomation please browse our page.


SouthOrd is one of the biggest lockpicking brands. It is internationally recognized and al lits products are welcomed by the lockpicking world. It is an American brand and all SouthOrd products are mainly made from stainless steel, so their quality is very high. In order to understand how professional this brand is, it is better to mention that governmental agencies from both within the United States and abroad, elite military units including Navy Seals Teams and other Special Ops Forces, the 101st and 82nd Airbone, Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies are supplied by SouthOrd.


Brockhage is another renowned international brand in lockpicking. All the Brockhage products are of excellent quality. Lock pickguns, individual lockpick tools, lockpick sets and many other are manufactured by this brand.

The lockpicking world recognizes Brockhage tools as one of the best worldwide, due to their quality, endurance and effectiveness.

Dino and Goso

These two brands, besides SouthOrd and Brockhage, are also two of the most representative lockpicking brands from the world. Their products are of high quality and are internationally recognized by the best lockpicking experts from the planet. Our web-store offers both Dino and Goso lockpick sets such as the Z-style lockpick set or the Pen Pick.

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