Lockpick Perfect Pro Lock Picking Set

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Perfect Pro Lock Picking Set

This lock picking pro kit includes all major lock pick techniques. This kit will help you to open doors that close behind you and you do not have the right key to re-open them. In addition, doors with twisted lock can also be opened with this set. Also, the precious cylinder puller comes with this set. It is a must have for every pro lock picker! 

In this set there are: 

  • 2 x iron door slider. Two parts (15 and 20mm). This 8mm thick slider is made from flexible steel.
  • 1 x plastic slider door with handles (0.55mm). This plastic slider is for opening doors that are closed and you do not need to pick the locks. 
  • 6 x plastic door lock slider without handles 
  • 4 x door lock picks. To open door that are only closed. A small and very effective set. 1 x door lock pick in a ring. This set consists of a total of 3 picks, 
  • 1 x panic door opener. This tool can be used with doors that open to the outside. These are often found in public buildings. To place this tool between the frame and the door, it is often necessary to find a suction cup. 
  • 1 x warded lock pick. It opens most locks. 
  • 1 x warded lock pick special. 
  • 2 x key turnet set. This set allows you to open room doors where the key is on the other side of the door. It is good to be used with the warded lock picks. 
  • 1 x broken key set with 4 picks 
  • 1 x pro line pick set with 5 picks 
  • 1 x multi key opener set for:
  1. opening and closing of valves (triangular square + key)
  2. Bit support
  3. Venting of radiators
  4. Measuring  of profile cylinder lengths
  5. Mounting and dismounting using the included bits
  6. Universal keys for locks that do not contain a profile cylinder
  7. Opening and closing of windows, doors, control cabinets / panels, container or barrier posts / poles
  8. Testing / measuring of the square holes of windows and door handles
  9. Bits, tools
  10. Door window handle function
  11. Tool support
  12. Adapter for tool support
  13. advertising / name filed
  • 1 x special key for security locks. 17mm triangular key. Length 300mm. 
  • 1 x cylinder puller set. Including 30 screws. 
  • 1 x Torx screwdriver for screw puller. 
  • 1 x double wrench for the cylinder puller (17 and 19mm) 
  • 1 x plastic storage case

Quality: High
Designed for: All Locks
Storage case: Provided
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