Who are we?

Lockpickingstore is always there for you.

This company was founded in 2007 and its main focus is the development of webshops in niche markets. There is a big difference between us and many other webshops, because we   we sell. We check their quality and how they work before shipping them to the customers. In this way, the client is assured that he / she always gets the best advice and an excellent service. The two founders, Frederik de Boek, give the name of the company, namely Lockpickingstore, but the truth is that the entire team works together to satisfy the client to maximum levels.


We always serve you with a smile. Our team…

Chris, Diana and Ginger are always at your service. Our main aim is to work together to build a healty business based on an excellent service. We have all the necessary tools to make this possible, from logistics to the programming work. Lockpickingstore knows that growth only comes on good service and high quality products. This is the key to our success.


HJE Wenckebachweg 150C
1114AD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
The Netherlands

CoC: 60998431

VAT: NL8541.57.657.B01


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